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  1. Malmaran
    Sep 19,  · BeForU - BeForU 1. チカラ (LIVE BAND style) 2. ♥LOVE² シュガ→♥ 3. DIVE 4. ヒマワリ 5. BABY LOVE 6. LOVE♥SHINE 7. BRE∀K DOWN! (LIVE BAND style) 8. Silvia Drive (extended) 9. Firefly ☆shining☆ (LIVE BAND style) SHOOTING STAR TEARS true ( album version) MEDIAFIRE.
  2. Nahn
    BeForU () チカラ (Live Band style), ♥LOVE² シュガ→♥) by Noria, DIVE, ヒマワリ by Riyu Kosaka, BABY LOVE by Noria, LOVE♥SHINE by Riyu Kosaka, BRE∀K DOWN! (LIVE BAND style), Silvia Drive (extended) by Noria, Firefly, ☆shining☆ (LIVE BAND style) by Riyu Kosaka& Noria, SHOOTING STAR by 小坂りゆ (Riyu Kosaka), TEARS by EK, true ( album version) by 小坂.
  3. Mezticage
    Jun 03,  · チカラ LOVE²シュガ→ DIVE ヒマワリ BABY LOVE LOVE♥SHINE BRE∀K DOWN! (LIVE BAND style) .
  4. Vudolkree
    "BRE∀K DOWN! (LIVE BAND style)" Riyu Kosaka: Naoki Maeda: Performada por BeForU: 8. "Silvia Drive (extended)" Noria Shiraishi: Takayuki Ishikawa: Solo de Noria Shiraishi: 9. "Firefly" BeForU: Naoki Maeda: Performada por BeForU: "☆shining☆ (LIVE BAND style)" Riyu Kosaka: Naoki Maeda: Solo de Riyu Kosaka e Noria.
  5. Nebei
    BeForU # Original Title English Title Description; 1: Chikara: Strength: 3: Dive: 6: LOVE SHINE: 7: BRE∀K DOWN!! (LIVE BAND Style) 8: Silvia Drive: 10 ☆shining☆ (LIVE BAND style) Graduation ~Sorezore no Ashita~ Graduation ~Each Tomorrow~.
  6. Arasar
    Oct 08,  · (JPop) BeForU - Дискография (1 mini-album, 4 albums, 6 singles, 3 live albums) - , MP3 (tracks), VBR kbps.
  7. Yokus
    BeForU,日本女子组合。初时成员有4人在推出Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX之后,为了进一步扩大Dance Dance Revolution的人气与影响(不过在现在看来应该用“挽救”而不是“扩大”),KONAMI先后举办了两次ARTIST AUDITION的活动,向广大玩家征集原创歌曲、歌手或者组合。小坂りゆ 福下恵美 立花彩 .
  8. Fenrizil
    BRE∀K DOWN!! (LIVE BAND Style),, BeForU, lyrics,song lyrics,music lyrics,lyric songs,lyric search,words to song,song words,jpop lyric,Megumi Hayashibara lyric.
  9. Nilkree
    BeForU Album BeForU Released Catalog Number LC Price ¥2, Tracklist. Chikara (LIVE BAND style) (チカラ; Power) ♥LOVE LOVE Sugar→♥ (♥LOVE²シュガ→♥) solo by Noria; DIVE; Himawari (ヒマワリ; Sunflower) solo by Kosaka Riyu; BABY LOVE solo by Noria; LOVE♥SHINE solo by Kosaka Riyu; BRE∀K DOWN! (LIVE BAND.

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