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  1. Kagatilar
    Usage Note: In its musical sense meaning "a repetition of a phrase or verse" or "a return to an original theme," reprise is usually pronounced (rĭ-prēz′), with its last syllable rhyming with freeze. This reflects the influence of French when the musical use of the word was adopted in the s.
  2. Nikozahn
    Reprise is a Norwegian film directed by Joachim Trier and co-written, over the course of five years, by Trier and Eskil stylalcuramamiccomapatsidepor.coinfo is Trier's first feature-length film, and was the Norwegian candidate for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in Music by: Ola Fløttum, Knut Schreiner.
  3. Mizahn
    Reprise means "repeat an earlier role." If you’re asked to reprise your role as "kid entertainer" at the annual family reunion, that means people want you to do it again this year. Early on, reprise was a .
  4. Faera
    "Reprise " is the fifteenth episode of the second season of Angel and the thirty-seventh episode overall. Written by Tim Minear and directed by James Whitmore, Jr., it was originally broadcast on February 20, on the WB network. While Lilah, Lindsey, and the other lawyers of Wolfram& Hart prepare a ritualistic gathering for the demonic firm's impending year review, Angel learns from Air date: February 20,
  5. Bale
    REPRISE follows two aspiring novelists and lifelong friends journeying down different paths after one's first novel receives wild acclaim and the other a pile of rejection slips/5(16).
  6. Malanos
    reprise definition: The definition of a reprise is a repeat of a performance or a passage in music. (noun) A chorus in a song that is repeated several times throughout the song is an example of a reprise. A repeat performance of a famous previous co.
  7. JoJotaur
    Reprise was sold to Warner Bros. Records in , making it the parent company for the label ever since. Reprise is still operated with artistic control for its artists in mind, though it has had expanded responsibilities as a distributor for other Warner Music Group labels at times (i.e. Sire Records Company, Tommy Boy Music).
  8. Fautaxe
    Reprise is the world’s largest performance marketing network, offering a full suite of crafts designed to deliver customer flow.
  9. Fauhn
    Jul 18,  · Reprise and it's central plotline are music-centric, and there is added fun in trying to figure out (before the characters do) which musical selections apply and how. There is some relationship advancement to enjoy as well. A side plot seems out of place for most of the episode, but the ramifications are highlighted before the credits role/10(1).

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