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  1. Grok
    The electrofusion method of joining plastics has a common idea but different approaches to manufacturing the electrofusion component. As a result of our research and development, we have patented one of these electrofusion manufacturing processes opening up more opportunities for the simple and rapid method of joining plastics.
  2. Kazizragore
    GROEBNER works with GFCP to provide the latest in electrofusion processor technology – MSA (AC powered) and BOSS III (battery powered). These EF processors can store thousands of records of fusion joints made. In each record, the operator, location, date and time, fittings being joined, size, material, parameters, and pass or fail.
  3. Goltiramar
    Electrofusion is a simple, cost-effective method for joining HDPE pipe. As an alternative to butt fusion, electrofusion is ideal for repairs and difficult connections of HDPE pipe. It has been successfully and cost effectively used for applications such as pipe bursting, slip lining, dual containment, directional drilling, and manhole connections.
  4. Mazuk
    Integrity Fusion continues to improve the electrofusion training process, and to develop innovative ways to work with our distributor partners busy schedules, while ensuring that the most qualified technicians are involved in the installation of IntegriFuse electrofusion fittings.
  5. Douktilar
    MANUFACTURING ELECTROFUSION TECHNOLOGIES IS A SCIENCE AND NOT FOR EVERYONE BUT IT IS OUR SPECIALTY. Performance Pipe, a division of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP, is the exclusive distributor of Plasson USA’s Electrofusion products to the Natural Gas Market in the United States.
  6. Vudomi
    Nov 29,  · Electro fusion & butt welding are one of the effective ways to connect HDPE pipes & fittings. It ensures a leak free solution.
  7. Mak
    Electro Fusion Welding Machine,Electrofusion welding machine for welding PE pipe fittings,Electro fusion equipment,HDPE pipe fittings electrofusion welding machine,welding machine for pe pipe,soldadoras de tubos electrofusion,maquina termofusion hdpe,consulta por maquina electrofusion hdpe,Maquina termofusion soldadora tubos.
  8. Arar
    Electrofusion is a simple method of joining PE pipes in circumstances where butt fusion is not practicable, such as where valves, elbows, and tees must be added. Prefabricated fittings are used, incorporating an electrical heating coil which melts the plastic of both the fitting and the pipe, causing them to fuse together.

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