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  1. Zololkree
    You see, if we curse those who've hurt us then we put ourselves in danger of Christ's judgment. Jesus said in Matthew "But I tell you that anyone who is angry with a brother or sisterwill be.
  2. Ket
    Nov 03,  · How to Hex someone You Hate with a Voodoo Doll Destruction Curse Update - Dec 8th - It has been months since doing this hex on the .
  3. Goltinris
    May disaster come to you. As you say the words, visualize the person you are hexing. Let it cool and harden, then turn the skull right-side up. Repeat the words again as you stick the pin through one of the eye holes, and embed the point in the wax inside. Leave the hex spell charm on your altar space until midnight, then smash it with a hammer.
  4. Nikree
    A Guide to Curse of Strahd - This guide has everything you need to put together a Curse of Strahd campaign. There are DM notes chapter-by-chapter ful.
  5. Arashikus
    If you want a horror story to give her, I have one! I was 16 or 17 and 3 boys were throwing snowballs at people at my school. I told them not to throw one at me (I DESPISE being cold). They asked why, to which I replied, "I'm a witch, I'll hex you." Of course they still threw a snowball as I .
  6. Mihn
    Apr 11,  · Recite a spell or pray before you get into the water. Close your eyes and hold your hands in prayer pose or over the water. Then, say your purification spell or say a prayer asking for the negative energy to be removed from you. You might use a spell like this one: “Salt and water make me pure, bring me now the perfect cure, let this water make me free, as I will so mote it be.”Views: K.
  7. Mazurr
    The Sheeny curse The Curse of the Jew manifests itself into many different forms. Most of the time, when a Jewish man or woman is fully in touch with their sheeny magic they can channel it into “cursing” others. Usually with financial troubles, Death of the first born son, boils, vomit, diarrhea etc. Another aspect of the curse of the ancient sheeny magic is when a “ bad Jew” doesn.
  8. Kigazuru
    Many scholars view Hex as the action, and Curse as the result of that action. He hexed the woman at the store, now she is cursed for life. In today's world of Witchcraft, a hex is nothing more than a spell designed to cause negative manipulation to a person or group of people.
  9. Dojind
    To put a hex on means that you do something, such as cast a spell or use a voodoo doll, to curse someone to have bad luck. An example of put a hex on is when you make a voodoo doll of the guy who dumped you and prick pins in the top of his head to make it so he will go bald. YourDictionary definition and usage example.

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