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  1. Dinos
    Compilation of the band's releases: Tilf, googooplex and Maskínan on 2 CD's and a booklet.
  2. Dihn
    Dec 23,  · 6.Tíminn - PURRKUR PILLNIKK. stylalcuramamiccomapatsidepor.coinfoöggur - PURRKUR PILLNIKK. 8.Læknir - PURRKUR PILLNIKK. stylalcuramamiccomapatsidepor.coinfoði - PURRKUR PILLNIKK. Andlit - PURRKUR PILLNIKK. well, luckily still remain blogs as yours and your very big friend od Downunderground (he's the vinyl King-boss of hehe)In sum, THANKS to you and all your partner (Friedrich,Downunderground.
  3. Dout
    Purrkur Pillnikk discography. Started in March by Bragi Olafsson (bs), Fridrik Erlingsson (guitar), Asgeir Bragason (drms) and Einar rn Benediktsson (voc). Split in october But have played some concerts afterwards. SINGLES 1. TILF 7" EP GRAMM 1 Contains: 2. Googooplex 2 X 12" GRAMM 6 1A: Fullkomnun ; a'st no:2 ; vinir minir.
  4. Mabar
    May 29,  · Great punk band from Iceland formed in Noone put this great song from them, so here it stylalcuramamiccomapatsidepor.coinfo in some early 80's thunder punk.
  5. Gahn
    "Tilf" recorded at Stúdío Stemma, Laufásvegi, 1 April "Maskínan" recorded live: to at Raw Flower, at Stóragerði (Æfingabílskúr) Haust 81 at NEFS, at Austurbæjarbíó, at Sigtún, 3 Haust 81 to at Southampton, to at Melavöllur, /5(9).
  6. Molar
    Oct 05,  · Purrkur Pillnikk ‘s  Tilf  may seem like an odd choice for me to play on my Crosley.  After all, it’s a desirable early s Icelandic punk 7″, and while far from being one of the most valuable ones, it still sells in the $50+ range.  This copy, however, isn’t worth anywhere near that due to some very unfortunate and heavy warping.
  7. Gora
    Purrkur Pillnikk is also one of the better known bands. All tracks are from their 1st 7". All tracks are from their 1st 7". They weren't around for a long time but managed to release 'Tilf' 7", 'Ehgjl En:' LP and Googooplex' 2x12", 'No Time To Think' 7" as well as a posthumous live album.
  8. Gardazragore
    PURRKUR PILLNIKK, short intro (written in ) & discography. Here is a short synopsis of Purrkur Pillnikk's history, compiled by Dr Orn Thoris in order to clear up some and to mystify other accounts of this peculiar group's existence. How it is: Purrkur Pillnikk is probably the most unprofessional group to play rock'n'roll in Iceland.

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