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  1. Kagagore
    Epilogue definition: An epilogue is a passage or speech which is added to the end of a book or play as a | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  2. Shakticage
    epilogue (n.) early 15c., from Middle French epilogue(13c.), from Latin epilogus, from Greek epilogos"a conclusion, conclusion of a speech, inference," from epi"upon, in addition" (see epi-) + logos"a speaking" (see -logy). Earliest English sense was theatrical. Entries related to epilogue.
  3. Goltikora
    Epilogue is a cutscene occurring on October 18th, Events. Rose narrates several parts of the cutscene.. A flashback of the Freelancer contacting Jackdaw from the bunker elevator in Black stylalcuramamiccomapatsidepor.coinfo explain that the elevator is locked down, and there's no time left to do anything. They exchange some last words before the bombs go off, killing the stylalcuramamiccomapatsidepor.coinfoing Characters: The Freelancer Jackdaw The Director.
  4. Vilar
    The epilogue tells the story of the years after Elodie's coronation, provided the game is won. Because of the large number of skills and game events that can unfold, it has many variations, mostly depending on highest skill, marriage outcomes and major events. To see the flavor text of the epilogue slideshows, see Epilogue/Flavor Text.
  5. Vudomuro
    Epilogue Summary Epilogue. Summary. Death says that the world is a factory run by humans, and he is a worker whose job is to carry their souls away when they die. He is very tired and will tell the rest of the story in as striaghtforward a manner as possible. He reveals that Liesel died “just yesterday,” at an old age, far from Himmel.
  6. Vizil
    Synonyms for epilogue at stylalcuramamiccomapatsidepor.coinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for epilogue.
  7. Tojaktilar
    a speech or piece of text that is added to the end of a play or book, often giving a short statement about what happens to the characters after the play or book finishes.
  8. Fenrijora
    epilogue 1. the final section of a literary work, often added by way of explanation, comment, etc. 2. a closing speech in a play, often delivered after the completion of the main action. — epilogistic, adj.

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